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International Osteopathic Symposium of Nantes

Idheo organizes the 13th International Osteopathic Symposium of Nantes

in collaboration with the University of Nantes.

This Symposium will take place on March 11th and 12th, 2022.


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GIBSON JoThe unstable shoulder

STEWART MikeTherapeutic education for people living with shoulder pain

Dr HUGUET Dominique  : The rotator cuff : differenciating tendinopathy and tear

CRÉTAL Antoine  : Current osteopathic management of the shoulder : a survey

Dr GAUTIER Giovanni : Thoracic outlet syndromes

DELOS Germain  : Shoulder clinical testing

MARTIN Caroline  : How biomechanics can help understand shoulder injuries for the professional tennis players

LEDERMAN EyalManaging frozen shoulder: an osteopathic process approach

BETEAU LaurentHelping athletes for upper limb rehabilitation

Dr M BISSET LeanneThe elbow : diagnostic, treatment and prognosis

GONZALES-BANDRES MatthieuPrinciples of neurodynamics

SARZEAUD RobertOsteopathic approach of carpal tunnel syndrome

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