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Call for Abstracts

The 13th international osteopathic symposium in Nantes organized by IdHEO will take place on the 11th-12th of March 2022. At this occasion researchers in osteopathy will have the opportunity to present their work in the form of either a short oral communication or a poster presentation. The scientific committee will choose studies that present innovative research that can have an impact on the osteopathic profession. We invite researchers to submit their work in the form of an abstract to the symposium’s scientific committee.

  • Submission deadline : 12/05/2021
  • Language: French or English
  • Size: 350-500 words


Abstracts will have to be composed of the following sections:

  • Title
  • Context
  • Objectives
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • References (5 max)

We invite the authors to follow guidelines corresponding to their type of study before submitting (such as the STROBE statement for observational studies or CONSORT statement for randomized controlled trials, etc…).

Type of study

  • Clinical trial
  • Observational study
  • Qualitative study
  • Reliability and Validity studies
  • Systematic review
  • Meta-analysis

Studies will have to respect ethical standards in biomedical research.

Scientific committee assessment

The scientific committee is composed of osteopaths and university researchers. Each abstract will be blindly assessed by 2 members of the committee using the following criteria:

  • Osteopathic and scientific relevance of the subject
  • Concordance between the objectives and the methodology of the study
  • Quality of the scientific evidence presented
  • Implications for practice and/or education

We will accept themes outside of the scope of the symposium. However, if two abstracts have identical scientific quality, we will prefer the one related to upper limb management.

According to the selection, the committee will then propose to the authors either a short oral communication or a poster presentation.

Registration fees for all selected presenters will have a 20% discount.

The committee will inform the authors of its decision before December the 17th 2021.

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